Wastewater Treatment Services & Facility


A Recycling Facility Like No Other In Texas

Houston Natural Resources is building a Licensed Reclamation Plant strategically located in South Texas Region. This trailblazing facility will eliminate harmful disposal methods and reduce costs associated with Oil Field Waste reducing Environmental Pollution.

A buyer’s market has opened for the acquisition of producing and non-producing assets located in the production rich South Texas Region in the oil window of the Eagle-Ford Shale Play.

Houston Natural Resources has acquired the permits to operate oilfield waste recycling plants to make road materials compliant with State requirements and ready for sale.

How Our Facility Works

Our new facilities have an impressive land area for equipment storage, gravel mining, and future expansion. This location will house two sets of state certified scales, a scale house, pugmill, permitted waste receiving pit, waste-treatment pits, truck washing facility, and frac-tank yard. The current facility is capable of handling 25,000 barrels per day of recycled salt-water, fracking fluids, and facility produced water.

Thermal Desorption Unit

The processing plant will consist of a Thermal Desorption Unit. Cutting materials are heated to 640 plus degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature vaporizes all water and oil from the cuttings. The water and oil are captured, condensed, then separated. The off gas is consumed in a thermal oxidizer. The thermal oxidizer assures the emissions from the plant are clean.  Solids are transferred, rehydrated, and cooled. The solids are transferred to the road base blending area via a roll-off box and loaders for further blending. The road base material is then blended via pugmill.

Our Operations

HNR Oil Services will conduct its Facilities Operation with experienced Oil Field Veterans on staff and on a consulting basis. The Company will have On-Site Management and other Pertinent Personnel to handle Day to Day Operations.

Our innovative, multifaceted recycling facility will position our company at the forefront of environmental remediation. We seek to provide maximum environmental protection for the producer and generate multiple streams of revenue via the salt water disposal and byproduct remediation.