Houston Natural Resources Affiliates

HNR Oil Services LLC

HNR Oil Services LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Houston Natural Resources Inc​., will be responsible for collecting fluids from third-party operators and disposing of the fluids in the company owned, disposal well; and ultimately, remediating oil field waste solids at its treating facility in Texas, designed specifically for

  1. maximum environmental protection for the oil producer, and
  2. that will exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements, and
  3. will generate multiple streams of revenue for HNR Oil Services LLC.

This trailblazing facility will eliminate antiquated disposal methods of harmful drilling byproducts and contribute to producer profits by eliminating potential liability costs associated with environmental pollutions. This recycling facility is comparable to no other in Texas. Profits attributable to this endeavor is significant and offers immediate stockholders’ value.

Halff Oil Field Property

Houston Natural Resources Inc has acquired approximately 2,800 acres located in the Halff Oil Field in Crockett County, Texas. This oil field is noteworthy for several reasons:

  1. Located in the most prolific oil area in the USA.
  2. An existing oil field with proved reserves and 83 oil wells to be reworked.
  3. Has a prolific oil zone called the San Andres formation that has not been exploited at the present time. The primary producing reservoir is the Grayburg sand of Permian age. The Halff Oil Field has produced about 3,900,000 barrels of oil to date from the Grayburg Sand. The original oil in place in the Grayburg Sand is calculated to be 36,900,000 barrels of oil. This Zone has been producing oil for over 50 years including the Halff Oil Field. It will continue to be a productive area for at least another 20+ years.