Houston Natural Resources:

Providing Maximum Environmental Protection In Wastewater Treatment

Houston Natural Resources’ mission is to provide our customers with fresh water and to take in oil-field generated toxic water for treatment and disposal. Our specialty treatment plant provides solutions that maximize system effectiveness through our unique combination of outstanding service, latest technologies, and superior technical expertise.

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A Complete Recycling Facility Comparable To No Other In Texas

Our goal is to create mutual benefit for our customers, associates, communities, and the environment.

Houston Natural Resources is dedicated to developing its recycling and remediation business by state-of-the-art, innovative technology and environmentally-safe, socially responsible processes.

We plan to build out recycling facilities in prolific oil producing regions with producing wells. HNR Oil Services is not dependent upon new wells to be drilled or the vacillation oil price. Instead, we utilize the thousands of wells currently drilled, completed, and producing oil and gas.

The company is building a complete recycling facility comparable to no other in Texas. This facility will eliminate antiquated disposal methods of harmful drilling byproducts and reduce environmental pollution. Houston Natural Resources has acquired the proper credentials needed to use processing methods to make materials compliant with State requirements and ready for sale.

As a result of these operations, Houston Natural Resources aims to produce a professional team of knowledgeable, seasoned veterans in the recycling and remediation and in corporate management and field operations.

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Houston Natural Resources Management

HNRC is a publicly listed company dedicated to increased stockholder value through recycling and remediation oil services. Houston Natural Resources will utilize drill cutting sales, the sale of road materials, skim oil, tank cleaning services, processed tank cleaning oil, multi-gate fees, water disposal fees, and kaolin sales to generate a diverse stream of revenue that increases our bottom line.  Providing consistent Value Return to our Stockholders.

Houston Natural Resources Inc. is dedicated to acquiring resources in the production rich South Texas Region, the prolific Permian Basin, and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Through our multi-faceted revenue streams, Houston Natural Resources generates a significant monthly cash-flow that in turn will provide for greater capital investment in the company and greater net earnings for the stockholders. Houston Natural Resources Inc. will operate with minimal expenses until significant revenue is generated.

Currently there is a buyer’s market for the acquisition of assets located in the South Texas Eagle-Ford Shale Region. Houston Natural Resources is currently acquiring producing and non-producing assets located in the Eagle Ford Play.

Houston Natural Resources has also acquired producing and non-producing assets located in the prolific Permian Basin. This is the most active oil region in the contiguous United States.

Houston Natural Resources has undertaken an acquisition of producing and non-producing assets located the most productive oil basin in the Rocky Mountain region.

Five Year Forecast Highlights

  • N.O.I forecast for 5th year in excess of $45 million per year
  • Five Operating Facilities
  • 735 million barrels of proven oil and gas equivalent (BOE) of reserves
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